Creating sustainable end-to-end lifecycles for the products we eat and wear is a major challenge that needs to be addressed if we are going to reduce emissions and create circular value chains.

对于一些生活方式细分日博备用网站, 这种转变将是巨大的, 随着整个供应链的产业转型. 为他人, 某些产品和方法将被完全淘汰, while at the same time there will be emergence of whole new product segments and new production processes that will replace traditional products and practices.

日博备用网站 is building on an impressive history of using natural materials, 本地化供应链, and commercially viable circular business models across sectors including AgTech and 新蛋白质.

Read our latest report to get a snapshot of key trends in four lifestyle segments and how 日博备用网站 and Swedish companies are helping to create more circular production and consumer behaviours.


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